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 June 30, 2017 - 1pm


The Cumberland County SPCA and South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter responded to a call for assistance from Bridgeton Animal Control. The officer had been called out to a house after receiving a report of 30 to 40 small dogs on two adjacent properties. He immediately called the shelter for backup upon finding multiple dogs in a variety of kennels & crates on one property and several fenced in dogs at the other.


Humane Law Enforcement Officers and the staff of the shelter returned with the animal control officer on June 30, 2017. They removed a total of 25 dogs are two cats. The dogs are a variety of Chihuahua and Havenese mixes. Their caretaker was overwhelmed with the numbers and the dogs were found without adequate shelter or care.


Although frightened by all of today's commotion, the dogs were removed without incident. They were all foumd to be infested with fleas and intestinal parasites.


After being safely transported to the shelter, the animals are being bathed, vaccinated and treated for parasites. We will allow them to settle in and get comfortable over the holiday weekend. After the holiday they will then be available for adoption once they are spayed and neutered.


SJRAS would like to thank sister shelter St. Huberts Animal Welfare Center in Madison, NJ. Due to the number of animals already being care for at SJRAS, we put out a plea for assistance in accepting so many new animals all at once. St.Huberts stepped right up and took in 13 of the frightened pups. For information on THOSE dogs please visit St.Huberts website.




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