Shoes For Shelters

Our shoe collection drive is now officially OVER!! Yay!! We had to revise our goal 3 times, and still topped THAT, so we can't thank everyone enough for all the shoes & all the hard work!


We collected a total of 7,025 pairs of shoes!!

We can't thank enough the volunteers, community members, groups, businesses & clubs that collected for us & allowed us to reach beyond our goals:

Bridge The Gap - Bridgeton                  Gloucester County 4-H                 Virtua Hospital                     The National Exchange Club              Fitness Connection      

The Arc of Gloucester County                 Rowan University                Mennies Intermediate School                    The Daily Journal                  SNJ Today

          and many many others! 



Think of your closet right now... How many pairs of shoes do you have that you ACTUALLY wear? How many are old & worn or out of style but you just can't bring yourself to throw them away because they're still FUNCTIONAL? I know right off the top of my head I came up with 7 pair in my own closet, not to mention the outgrown shoes that are buried in the bottom of my growing childrens' closets.

We all tend to keep hold of things that are still in decent condition with the hopes that we will find a use for them again. Well HERE'S YOUR CHANCE! Clean out your closets & mudrooms & porches and let those gently used shoes help homeless animals! 

We'll be collecting gently used & new shoes until November 5th, and each pair of shoes will help provide the care needed by an animal here in the shelter. The shoes will also be re-purposed and used again to help a person somewhere in the world who needs them.

It's a WIN-WIN-WIN situation  - you get to clean out your closet, the animals get the care they need, and those shoes go on to live a new life where someone in need is benefited by them. 

So RUN to your piles of shoes & figure out just which ones you no longer care to have lingering around the place. Sneakers, flip-flops, sandals, boots, high-heels - they're all welcome! Bring them over to our shelter at 1244 N Delsea Drive in Vineland anytime & drop them off. Then go shopping - you have extra room in your closet now Haha

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