S/N Clinic Appointment

newUse the form below to sign up for a spay or neuter appointment for your pet.

Once you complete the form & your payment is processed, a member of the clinic scheduling team will be in touch with you to determine the best date for you & your pet. For your paperwork to reach the office can take up to 48hrs, and the office will contact you within a week to schedule your appointment, so please be patient. If you have not been contacted by our office staff after one wekk please contact them at 856-691-1500 and let them know you set up your appointment online & they should be able to set up your date at that time.

Once your appointment date is determined, the staff member will give you the appropriate drop off & pick up times, as they change depending on the day of the week & the vet who will be performing the surgery.

Animals should not be fed or watered after 9pm the evening prior to surgery. There are, however, two exceptions to this rule:

  • Tiny breed dogs under 8lbs can eat & drink until 12am (midnight) the evening prior to surgery.
  • Rabbit owners should leave food & water with their rabbit as usual, and in fact bring the rabbit for surgery WITH food & water.


Once your appointment is scheduled, we do have a 48 hour cancellation notice  requirement. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, you need to make us aware of that at least 48 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your surgery fees (fees for vaccines or other services are refundable). There is also a $5.75 non-refundable fee to register for this service online.

Additional fees may apply if other medical needs/issues are discovered during surgery, including but not limited to: pregnancy, obesity, undescended testicles, retained baby teeth, dewclaws, hernias or females in heat. If you KNOW your animal has a medical condition that will require additional surgical care please contact our reception desk PRIOR to completing the form below, so that they may (when possible) quote you what additional fees you will need to provide. If you book an appointment online for a pet with a special condition and have not consulted with our office about the issues you may be turned away the day of surgery or we may not be able to perform the extra services necessary.

Animals that are older than 8yrs old can have extra sensitivity or advanced medical issues. If your pet is 8yrs old or older you will need to have your vet preform blood work to ensure that the animal is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia. If you choose not to have blood work done, we do reserve the right to refuse any surgery our vets determine to be a risk due to a possibility of complications.


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