Humane Education & Tours

It is our goal to stop cruel and inhumane treatment of animals before it happens. Therefore, we are influencing the way people think about animals through our humane education programs. Our programs, free of charge to area schools and organizations, teach the importance of responsible pet ownership, basic pet care, safety around animals and the understanding that all living creatures are part of the earth's ecosystem and deserve our respect. Our programs range from pre-school to high school, and can focus on various avenues to be included in nearly any academic course of study. 

 Various pets are available throughout the year to come along when the investigators visit, including dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, snakes, livestock, and rodents.

new We are currently working on a more user-friendly way to request a visit to your location or a tour of our facility. Until it's done, please email our cruelty investigations team to set up a humane education experience or to book a tour at the shelter.

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