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 Make a cat's day! And help him get adopted too!

Is volunteering at the shelter a bit overwhelming? Do you have limited time but want to volunteer? Volunteering with our Petsmart crew may just be right for you. Petsmart Crew Volunteers we have 2 shifts: AM shift between 8am-11am or the PM shift anytime after 4pm till store close. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or would like to find out more information on how to get involved keep reading!

Some crew members can schedule one shift a week, while others simply get the training & are put onto our coordinators contact list so that when a shift needs filling for whatever reason, she can yell for help & anyone who is available can step in to the rescue. 

Overall it's a fun, rewarding experience. It's also an easier place to deal with at times. With high numbers of animals at our shelter some folks aren't comfortable volunteering there. But our PETSMART Adoption Center has a limited number of cats (usually no more than 8), so you can get to know the cats quicker and then know that they are being adopted into new and loving homes. So it's a win-win. You get to volunteer, the cats get someone to care about them.

CCSPCA Petsmart Volunteer Protocol - AM

AM cleaning be in the room sometime between 8am-11am. Cleaning will take at least 1 ½ hours.

* Sign in the communications book date and name.

  1. After saying good morning to all the kitties of course! Let one cat.
  2. Dump food, water and litter in trash can.
  3. Put dirty bowls and litter box in laundry basket to take back SPCA to be washed.
  4. Use blanket in cage to wipe out any left over litter. Do not use dust brush in cages there is no way to sanitize between cages.
  5. Spray condo walls, bars and window with Buckeye Watchdog let stand 10 minutes wipe dry with rag. (please do not use paper towels it’s a waste the cloth rags can be washed.)
  6. Wipe down steel cage doors.
  7. Set back up, as follows
    1. left side of condo - blanket with bed on top cover bed with blanket this way the bed can be used several days before needing to be washed.
    2. Each condo gets a water bowl and food bowl kittens 6 months and younger get kitten food. (fill water after cat is back in condo fill watering can in bathroom.)
    3. Few soft toys few hard balls.
    4. Right side of condo – blanket make sure it is large enough to go under the litter box.
    5. Shelf provided by PetSmart.
    6. Litter box. Fill with 1 ½ scoops of litter.
    7. Some times there are extra goodies to put in condos ie: card board boxes, paper towel rolls, round plastic circle toy, cat nip.
    8. Return this cat to it's condo.
  1. Move on to the next cat and repeat steps A-H above. Repeat until all condos are complete.
  2. After all condos are attended to and cats are back in. Sweep floor, tidy up shelves and cabinets.
  3. Take trash to the back of the store place in Petsmart trash can. Dump litter bucket and refill with        Buckeye Watchdog Petsmart provides.
  4. Wipe down outside of windows with Glass cleaner and rag. (again do not use paper towels)
  5. Return all dirty laundry, litter pans, and bowls to the SPCA to be washed. Make a list of anything we need so it can be sent over the next day.


Petsmart Volunteer Protocol - PM

PM cleaning any time after 4pm till store close

*sign in to communication book date and name

  1. After saying good afternoon to all the kitties. Let one cat out of their Condo at a time.
  2. Check to make sure water bowl is clean.
  3. Top off food. ( kittens 6 months and younger get kitten food.)
  4. Scoop litter box. Do not dump the entire litter box. Put any debris is the small trash can lined with Shoprite bags. (we try not to use the large black bags for PM cleaning. It is not cost effective. Not enough trash.)
  5. Tidy blankets.
  6. Wipe down outside windows.
  7. Sweep the floor and take trash to the back of store. Any dirty laundry put in basket.

Still interested in volunteering with us at our PETSMART Adoption Center?

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