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We're excited to say that entries for the 2024 calendar are now closed! We'll have the completed calendar available for sale in the very near future. Please stay tuned for the exact release date and info on where you can pick up your very own copy!


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We're very lucky to have wonderful local businesses that care about improving the lives of as many pets in South Jersey as possible. Thru donations, sponsorships, grants and volunteer hours worked by staff members they remind us that we are not alone in this fight. We hope you'll let them know you appreciate their efforts as well!

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From pets to wildlife and everything else animal related you'll find it in our 7+ years of articles

Bixby’s sad tale & the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter’s hope for his happy ending

This past week one of the animal control officers from Vineland walked in with a small dog that, somewhere underneath all the built up grime…

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SJRAS’s Step for a Pet is a success; next up is the Plant, Bake & Yard Sale

It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day for South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter’s 28th Step for a Pet event. It’s been a few years…

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Matching pets to the right ‘home’ is part of SJRAS’s mission, K9 Skye is one great example

Placing pets in good homes is not just about finding someone who will give them love and good care, it’s also about placing them in…

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Volunteers needed to transport pets for South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter

Feel like taking a drive? Want to save some lives while you’re doing it? There are more than 1.000 pets each year that need to…

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Backyard bird enthusiasts: It’s time to prepare for the return of the migrating population

In spite of the cool and windy weather we’ve been having, it is finally April and we are seeing signs of spring pop up everywhere.…

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Sponsors, participants needed for South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter’s Step for a Pet

Spring is finally here and with the longer days and warm weather comes the first of the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter events for 2022,…

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Help the shelter, take responsibility for your pets, volunteer, donate

It’s the first day of spring and I’m writing to you today from my front porch. Birds are singing, the temperature is lovely, the sun…

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What should you do if you find an animal that is abandoned or in need of help?

In light of recent events, we should talk about what to do if you find an animal that you think is abandoned or in need…

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When it comes to cat adoption, what you see is NOT always what you get

When it comes to cat adoption, what you see is NOT always what you get.  If the tables were turned, and it was you inside…

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It’s time to register your pets with your municipality; rabies vaccine clinics announced

As March approaches I want to remind everyone that the deadline for registering your pets with your municipality is fast approaching. The good news is…

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What to do about the limited supply of canned pet food and cat litter; update on ‘London’

You know that the world has reached a new level of absurdity when people are fighting in a store over a case of canned cat…

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Information needed regarding stray ‘mother’ pit bull picked up in Fairfield Township

This past Friday morning, as the rain came down thankfully melting the rest of the snow away, the Bridgeton Animal Control Officer was called out…

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A dog confined at the shelter because of an animal cruelty case needs ‘his day’ in court!

The following is a communication from the shelter to one of our local courts and its prosecutor involving the impoundment of a dog whose owner…

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Huskies are wonderful pets for the right person or family; but do your research!

There’s a new wave rushing in through the shelter doors; a surge of Huskies coming in regularly. They have now taken over as the third…

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Schedule your pet’s rabies vaccination appointment; microchips help reunite pets & owners

The new year is upon us and let this be your annual reminder to license your pets. Normally, I would have a schedule for you…

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What are the signs that your dog has chewed something that may cause an obstruction?

As we have discussed in this column in the past, boredom is one of the most common factors in dogs getting themselves into trouble. This…

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SJRAS’ Community Outreach hopes you can help some cats have a happy ending

The end of 2021 is reminding us very much of the beginning… It’s a long sad story and we hope that the new year provides…

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A difficult year for South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter also offered blessings

I try very hard not to wish my life away, but I have to say, I’m not unhappy to see this year end. Working in…

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South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter is full and more strays are arriving

For most of us, there are no memories more sentimental, no moments more special, than those being home celebrating the holidays. A couple of times…

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SJRAS’ Community Outreach seeks nominations for ‘Operation Outreach’

It has been a memorable year for the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter Community Outreach Department. This year gave us the opportunity to help more…

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The story of Meatball or why you should get a microchip for your pet!

In this column we often talk about the importance of having identification on pets; the most secure form being a microchip. The following is the…

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Bird feeders provide entertainment for you and your pets

Now that the temperatures have taken a dive and we’ve had some hard freezes, let’s sit in our nice warm houses and look through the…

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What should you consider when buying a gift for your pet or someone else’s pet?

With Thanksgiving approaching, people start in earnest to acquire holiday gifts, including things for their pets and those belonging to their loved ones. Last year…

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What is a quality of life chart and how can it help with decisions regarding our pets?

For those of us who are long term pet owners, we know all too well the grief that comes with the passing of a beloved…

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Istanbul’s program for stray dogs and cats is something to strive for

I recently came across an article on CNN about a dog in Istanbul named Boji. Although the story of this public transportation loving dog is…

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What are some common myths and misconceptions about cats?

Last week’s column discussed a few misconceptions about dogs, this week we will discuss our feline friends; both misconceptions and myths. With this weekend’s upcoming…

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Learn about ‘dog years,’ eating grass and other myths pertaining to dogs

In this week’s column and the next, I thought it might be a good idea to talk about some common misconceptions about pets. This week…

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Congratulations K-9 Hansel and thanks for representing the best in pit bulls

Congratulations to Millville’s hometown hero canine Hansel! K-9 Hansel was recently awarded an American Humane Hero Dog Award, he is the 2021 Law Enforcement and…

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It’s autumn, but the kittens keep arriving at South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter

Autumn has arrived, but the kittens keep pouring in at the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter. Not a day goes by that we do not receive…

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Have you checked your pet’s outdoor accommodations? Will your lost pet be returned to you?

Fall has arrived and this will be the first time since spring that our nights will be dipping into the 40s. There are a few…

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Personality is more important than looks when adopting a pet

According to Google, the definition of personality is the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. So would we use “personality”…

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Pet adoptions are slowing down, but pets keep arriving at the shelter

In spite of all the craziness in the world these past months, or maybe because of it, one silver lining here at the shelter has…

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Are you prepared to take care of your pets if there’s a disaster?

Seeing what happened in the wake of Hurricane Ida to our neighbors in Gloucester County as well as all those in a wide swath from…

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South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter: Remembering George “Buck” Loomis

This weekend we remembered a man who was a special part of the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter foster and volunteer programs. George “Buck” Loomis…

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Getting Bonita on the right path will take love, medical care and a ‘lucky person’

A life of neglect; sometimes they have it written all over their face, their body and their soul. If you are animal lover, seeing that…

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When humans are victims of violence, their animals become victims too

Here at the shelter we are very versed in handling pets that have been the victims of abuse and neglect. Through the years we’ve seen…

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SJRAS: Molly, Yin and Yang, abandoned mom and her pups, almost ready for adoption

One of the highlights of my career in sheltering has been the opportunity to foster puppies. Watching them grow and develop, seeing their personalities emerge…

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Can you help Shorty or Chloe and Happy find a happy ending?

South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter’s Community Outreach program has worked with dozens of families and 100s of pets this year, finding many solutions to keep…

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South Jersey TNVR Team celebrates success, seeks community’s help

It’s hard to believe that a year ago, the South Jersey TNVR Team was simply an idea. We knew that a progressive Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate…

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How can you help pets when there are fireworks, thunder or gun fire?

There must have been some pretty awesome fireworks going off in our area this Independence Day because the shelter got a big influx of stray…

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What can you do to help prevent dog and cat bites?

On a fairly regular basis animals are impounded at the shelter because they have been involved in biting a human or another animal. There are…

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How often do dog nails need cutting? South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter answers

Stray animals entering the shelter are often in need of some level of grooming whether it’s a simple bath or a serious shaving. A dirty…

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South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter: Shelter reopens to the public & returning to normal

Finally, our shelter has reopened to the public! It’s been a long haul and we certainly have had our share of bumps along the way,…

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South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter: Should you bring your dog everywhere with you?

This weekend I visited Brigantine. The weather wasn’t conducive to a long beach day with the kids so we decided to take our newly adopted…

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South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter: Remembering Alfie, who was an amazing dog

Nine years ago, Animal Control and former Cumberland County SPCA cruelty investigators met a dog who, on that day, would begin a journey that would…

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South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter: TNVR Team tries to keep the focus on spay & neuter

South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter’s TNVR Team (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release) has kicked into high gear. The team is spaying and neutering and assisting caregivers…

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South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter: Volunteers of all types needed at the shelter

An animal shelter is all about the dogs, cats and other miscellaneous creatures that pass through thedoors; but it’s the people that make it all…

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South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter: Warm weather requires updates to pet care & routines

Let’s use this weeks’ column as your warm weather reminder and check list for your pets. The two-week forecast is showing that pretty consistent temperatures…

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South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter: Need a turkey? No, not for eating.

You never quite know what kind of animals are going to be brought into the shelter. I find it especially interesting when I see people…

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South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter: Should you intervene if you find newborn animals?

It’s been a wild week, literally and figuratively; from baby raccoons falling out of trees to newborn kittens pouring in the doors, things have really…

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