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Cats are wonderful companions, and we've got every age, color and personality you could possibly be looking for! Some of our cats are even specialists - they're part of our CIA program for those cats that prefer to have a job instead of lounging around the house all day. If you're in the market to hire a mouse manager, or rodent reducer, check out the cats below and loo for one of two special labels:

  • AGENTS are cats that would prefer little interaction with their human bosses. They'll provide updates on the rodent population occasionally, but would prefer to do so in passing and not in a personal meeting. They're not the cats you'll find hanging out at the water cooler talking about the latest TV shows or workplace gossip.
  • DOUBLE AGENTS are purrrfect for those in a rural setting that like to have indoor/outdoor cats. They've got street smarts and are resourceful, but also don't mind being included in group activities or team building meetings. They're just as comfy working in the field or lounging on the couch.


As an open admission shelter, we have new pets showing up every day. Check back often to make sure you see the latest animals available for adoption.

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