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CIA Cats

We've got MANY wonderful cats for adoption. If you're looking for an indoor/outdoor or stictly outdoor feline then these Agents would be the ones for you. 

If you're looking for more of an indoor, loving & constant pal type of kitty then check out the rest of our adoptable cats.

Agent Ana is a shy girl who is 2 years old and in need of a home. Because of her behavior she would be a good candidate for our working cat program. Ana does need some time to get to know you, and does not like to be picked up, but she will give a lot of love to you when she has four feet on the ground.

Cheshire is an adorable 8 month old cat in need of a home. He's human social but isn't a huge fan of being picked up or loved on, so he'd make an excellent CIA Agent.

Looking for a working cat? Damien will be happy to do the job! He's an independent boy who would thrive in a home that will allow him to patrol for pesky rodents!

Emmy Lou is a sweet but timid 1 year old cat. She would be a good candidate for our CIA program due to her not being used to humans yet. She does adjust to having people around, she's just not a huge fan of all the pomp & circumstance 🙂

I'm a free spirit who's life motto is "my way or the highway!". I enjoy playing with my toys all day, love getting spoiled with wet food! I like to be petted, but am not a fan of being picked up! As long as we can agree on that, I will love you furever!

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