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SJRAS Covid-19 Preparedness & Impact

Phone 856-691-1500 or EMERGENCIES ONLY 856-362-4857


Revised Shelter Hours of Operation:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 11am to 4 pm   --  Wednesday 1pm to 6pm    --   Saturday : 10am to 3pm

The shelter is now open to the general public in a limited capacity. Face masks will be required for anyone entering the facility to help protect our staff & volunteers. Operations will continue as follows:

LOW COST SPAY/NEUTER CLINIC IS OPEN We are currently accepting online appointments only. Please visit the CLINIC INFORMATION page to learn about the services available and to schedule an appointment.

VACCINE CLINICS will be held on the normal Saturday of the month, but will be by appointment. Appointments can be made here on our website on the vaccination appointment page.  Payment is required to guarantee your appointment slot.

LOST PETS The shelter will be open to pet owners picking up their animals that have been impounded.

ADOPTIONS The shelter will continue adoptions with emphasis on pre-approved adopters by appointment. Potential adopters can select the pet they are interested from the adoptable pet pages (see DOGS or  CATS) and complete an adoption questionnaire here on our website. You may then arrange an appointment with our front desk staff to meet the dog or cat of interest. The dog and cat viewing rooms are open to the public in limited numbers at this time.

VOLUNTEERS Volunteers are once again welcomed to visit the shelter and assist with caring for the pets! Please speak to your volunteer coordinator if you have any questions about signing up for any jobs/shifts available. Please be prepared to wear a mask during your volunteer time unless you can show proof of completed vaccination for Covid-19.

DONATIONS We rely heavily on donations, and we thank you for wishing to help us during this time of hardship. Donations can be made via our AMAZON wishlists (see them here), or can be made in the form of gift cards or e-cards to local merchants (Shoprite, Walmart, hardware stores, Garoppos Feed Supply). You may use the email address as the recipient of any e-cards). Donations of pet food and supplies can be placed outside the main entrance. We will not be accepting blankets, towels or linens of any kind at this time.

PET PANTRY is still available, however you will need to call in advance and speak with office staff to determine availability as well as scheduling a time for pick up.

As the shelter staff is working diligently to care for the pets in our care, we are limiting the amount of staff on duty at any given time so that we can limit potential exposures. Should our entire team fall ill it would leave the animals in a perilous state, and we are taking all precautions to ensure that the care of the animals in not impacted during this event. As such, we have instituted an emergency phone number that can be called that will be answered by staff who are not on site. This will allow on site staff to work with customers in person on a limited basis while still providing the public with a point of contact. That alternative phone number is 856-362-4857. This is in addition to our business phone number where staff will be answering calls as they are available. Please feel free to leave a voicemail on either number if there is no answer when you call - calls are being returned within 24 hours when at all possible.

How You Can Help

If you're working from home as so many people are, or maybe you just get 2 weeks off and don't have the option to do your work from home. If that's the case perhaps now is a great time to adopt a new dog or cat so that they can adjust to your household with you THERE! To see our adoptable pets just visit the ADOPTIONS page here on our site!

Or maybe you'd be interested in fostering your first shelter pet! This will allow you the time to see just what being a foster home entails and will give you the satisfaction of helping a loving little being who needs you. It's not hard at all and we'll provide you with all the guidance you may want as well as the supplies you'll need.

In order to be able to continue to save the lives of healthy, adoptable pets we will need to rely heavily on foster homes. If you are interested in joining our foster program now, please submit Our Standard Foster Home Questionnaire

What We Are Doing To Help

Our management team is monitoring the situation and are in close contact with local health authorities to ensure we’re acting on the latest guidance and information.

  • Increasing our focus on disinfecting surfaces including counters, door handles thru the entire facility and other high-touch areas.
  • Increasing the number of hand sanitizing stations available in our facility
  • Asking staff & volunteers who are sick to stay home until they are well
  • Limiting staff travel for conferences, continued learning or other nonessential business.
  • Conducting group meetings by phone or other digital means when possible
  • Recommending use of online tools (via our website) to schedule surgical procedures for pets, report lost or found pets, or to express interest in joining one of our many volunteer programs.
  • Recommending use of online tools (via our website) to view the pets available for adoption, and to complete any pre-adoption paperwork possible to limit the number of visit necessary to complete an adoption.

Keeping You Informed

We’ll be continuing to keep you updated about any limitations to services, events or other important developments rapidly changing situation. As it evolves, you can always find the latest information on our website, or via our social media channels (twitter, facebook & instagram). Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance with any of your pet related needs.

For the latest information about COVID-19, please visit or your local health department website.

Vineland residents can visit and follow municipal social media for more city related information. Also, a hotline for residents with general COVID-19 questions can be called at (856) 405-4603 or there is a 24-hour hotline at 1 (800) 222-1222.

Preparations for Pet Owners

Pet owners should make sure that they have the following items on hand should a situation of either self-quarantine or imposed quarantine arise.
* At least 3 weeks of pet food for EACH pet in the household
* At least 3 weeks of any medications or health products needed by EACH pet
* A properly fitted collar and harness, ID with current contact information, a leash in good condition and a properly sized crate or carrier for EACH pet in your family.
* A current photo of your pet themselves, should you become separated.
* Current medical records for your pet with any relevant medical information as well as dates of last vaccinations should the need arise for your pet to be boarded or housed for any reason.

In an effort to maximize space at the shelter, we will not be accepting owner surrendered pets until further notice.

We encourage pet owners to make plans for their pets in case someone in the home falls ill. Identifying a trusted friend or family member to be a designated pet sitter who can help out if the pet owner becomes hospitalized is crucial for those pet owners who may live alone.