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Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Feliz Navidad! Or just plain happy holidays, whatever it is that you may celebrate.

As I sit to write this on the Friday before Christmas, in spite of the fact that it is December, typically a slower period for us, the shelter is packed to the gills. Within the next 24 hours, 18 pets are scheduled to go to their new homes; unfortunately, that still leaves 171 in the shelter and another 83 in foster care. Let's hope that through the next week many more of those 250 pets will also be headed home during the holidays.

Once January hits, our adoptions usually slow down quite a bit so it always makes me sad to walk through the kennels and cat rooms on New Year's Eve and see the pets that have been passed over. It's a pretty fair bet that they'll be here for another month or two if they hadn't been chosen yet. It's a lousy way for them to have to spend the winter but at least they are warm, fed and cared for.

On that note, I will keep the column short this week so that we can get a couple more pictures of our fuzzy faced friends that are still here ... waiting.



Source: Dogs, cats deserve a happy holidays too at forever homes




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