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Help SJRAS's Cats Get Their Scratch On!

If you have a cat at home, you know they love to hide, scratch  climb in or on anything. Unfortunately there aren't many opportunities in a shelter condo to do these simple feline behaviors. We provide them with risers to help them have a place to climb to, but even this "shelf" doesn't go far enough. We provide toys, and soft places to take a nap, and even have a team of volunteers that help make sure the cats get time out of their enclosures & lots of human interaction, but being able to give them all something to make them happier would be ideal, especially for those times when they're trying to entertain themselves. For kittens and young adult cats the boredom can lead to behavior issues, which certainly does NOT help them to get adopted. 

That's why we at the SJRAS would like to give each cat an interactive way to blow off some stress.  Scratch ‘n Bits for Cages are scratching pads that are the purr-fect size for shelter cages. Scratching allows cats to stretch and tone their muscles & it helps alleviate stress -- two things caged cats can really benefit from! Cats also scratch to "mark" their home turf – with every scratch, special glands in the pads of their paws release a scent that makes their belongings smell like them, which lets them feel more comfortable when they have them nearby.

The smaller Scratch ‘n Bits feature cute graphics or “Adopt Me” logos to attract the attention of prospective adopters. They also have larger Scratch ‘n Bits available to be used in cat rooms or foster homes, as well as full size “Grade B” Scratch ‘n Shapes, which are scratchers that don’t quite make the cut for retail sale, but are still 100% scratchable! 

Scratch ‘n Bits are re-purposed from scrap produced when the company manufactures their Scratch ‘n Shapes, and for that reason, the sizes and shapes vary depending on what they have available, as does the quantity they are able to fit in each case.

15-20 Small in a case                                  10-13 Medium in a case                                4-7 Large in a case



 NOW AVAILABLE! Cat ‘n Around Toys cater to a cat's playful side and provide hours of fun. Made from durable, long lasting materials and stuffed with premium organic catnip, these clever toys are priced well below retail and are a great way to keep shelter cats stimulated and active.

Want to help spice up the days & nights of SJRAS' Cats & Kittens? Copy our shipping address (1244 N Delsea Drive, Vineland, NJ 08360)

Then click here to order some Scratch 'n Bits for our shelter cats at a discount price!


About Imperial Cat products...

Since 1986, Imperial Cat has manufactured eco-friendly and all-natural cat products of exceptional quality. We are dedicated to creating safe, fun and functional products that enhance the lives of cats and the people that love them. From scratching and playing, to snacking and grooming, nobody offers more ways to promote the happy, active lifestyle of a feline than Imperial Cat.


About Imperial Cat, the Company...

As a family-owned and operated company, we retain a level of customer service and product quality that remains unmatched by our competitors. Our business depends on customer satisfaction, which is why we are committed to ensuring you are 100% satisfied with our products. At Imperial Cat, cats are part of our family. In addition to our hard-working human staff, we "employ" a team of office cats that rigorously test our products to ensure they are cat-approved!


DONATE A SCRATCHER TO A CAT IN OUR SHELTER! Click here, or on any of the photos on this page!

Need an Imperial Cat Toy for your own kitties? Visit Imperial Cat  and shop for your own family members !!  Head on over & check'em out! Let them know we sent you.