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Donations Made in Honor

The most recent donations are shown first. To find earlier donations please use either the search box below or scroll through the pages using the previous and next buttons below the table. Donations from the current year, as well as the previous year, are available.

Donation in Honor OfGiven ByDate of Donation
Amelia Harbert BellSlate and Betty Crate12/2021
Chris & Melissa NiedringhausRegina Thompson12/2021
Chris SuttonClare Romsay12/2021
Christopher Surdam Merry ChristmasSandra Surdam12/2021
Ellen & John PetersenMarjorie Astheimer12/2021
Melissa TiptonKrista Trullender12/2021
Pat BaconSusan & William Conway12/2021
Regina & David Surdam Merry ChristmasSandra Surdam12/2021
Rick & Kelly SoraccoSandra Slimmer12/2021
Rick & Lois AbbottIris Cintron12/2021
Scott & Trisha PedersenMarjorie Astheimer12/2021
Snickers & GracieSteven & Mildred Finneran12/2021
Staci OertleFrank Oertle12/2021
Stephanie CirriKimberly & Peter Schaffer12/2021
The Battiata FamilyMarjorie Astheimer12/2021
Valeria PolhamusBonnie Marino10/2021
Dr. Edward SalmonThe McCann Family10/2021
Valerie Polhamus' 70th BirthdayCarmella Weber9/2021
Valerie Polhamus' 70th BirthdayPatricia Bohn9/2021
Valerie PolhamusNancy and John Polhamus9/2021
Valerie PolhamusEmily Polhamus9/2021
Valerie PolhamusRenee Somers9/2021
valerie PolhamusRosemarie Deem9/2021
valerie PolhamusCarole Robbins9/2021
Michael KarwowskiDr. Mary Gruccio9/2021
Angelo James FavalaMichael and Jette Goldman8/2021
Livia DeAnnuntisAnthony DeAnnuntis8/2021
Ryan CastorValorie Francisci8/2021
All of our loved fur familyThe Lombardo Family7/2021
Mark Levitsky's birthdayMaxeen Olenberg7/2021
Dakota (aka Mia)Mark, Gina Madison, Mia, Rudolph7/2021
anonymous retiring teacherBishop Schad Regional School6/2021
Dave French's RetirementDave&Sharon Van Duyne6/2021
Sandy AndersonElizabeth Richardson6/2021
David D'Alessandro's birthdayAnnette D'Alessandro4/2021
ChaseDiane Alcantara4/2021
Andrea PortadinRonald Portadin3/2021
Margaret WaltersBonnie Walters3/2021
Staci Oertle- Happy Birthday!Donna Tomasetti3/2021
Lucille HarveyHolli Harvey-Dudlek2/2021
Evelyn T. PhillipsGreg & Wendy Pavlics1/2021
Corduroy, Hercules, LinusThe Lombardo Family1/2021
Bertha F. CranmerJean Bendler1/2021
Max, The BestAmara, Karen, Sam FARBMAN1/2021