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Donations Made in Honor

The most recent donations are shown first. To find earlier donations please use either the search box below or scroll through the pages using the previous and next buttons below the table. Donations are listed by year in the tabs. Donations from the current year, as well as the previous year, are available.


Donation in Honor OfGiven ByDate of Donation
Charlene Rosenbaum-ColonGary Sambol9/2022
Louise JonesMillville Women's Club9/2022
Agnes Maher and Garfunkel MaherAngela Maher7/2022
Dude Gruvman's BirthdayBeth Mazzeo7/2022
Grace Prillo's BirthdaySharon Keller7/2022
Marge Astheimer's BirthdayEllen Pedersen7/2022
Mark Levitski's BirthdayMaxeen Olenberg7/2022
Michelle Keeney-SpataforeGARY SAMBOL7/2022
Molly Bisulca'S BirthdayLauren Bisulca Profeta7/2022
Theresa A BiagiottiDiana R Everly7/2022
Margaret RicciMichael & Lorraine Caruso6/2022
Margaret RicciChristina Lowenstein6/2022
Margaret RicciLance Baldusen6/2022
Margaret RicciJody Welker6/2022
Stephen Kirk's retirementJennifer Scarpa6/2022
Naruto's 12th BirthdayStephanie Bailey6/2022
Jak KuhlenJessica Pacitti5/2022
Peter Crovo's 80th BirthdayBruce & Barbara Aydelotte5/2022
Brody GollaAlice Mund4/2022
Genora Rosypal, Esq.Frank Marone & John Carbo4/2022
Staci Oertle's BirthdayMark and Donna Tomasetti4/2022
Steve KawajiriGregory & Patricia D'Ambrosia4/2022
Vicky McDonaldLinda Smith4/2022
Smidge (pip) the ChiSage Stewart3/2022
Queen Elizabeth the catMeredith Matus2/2022
Alicia, Trisha, RoccoMark Lombardo2/2022
Mark Levitsky's Birthday & Mark & Ina Levitsky's AnniversaryMaxeen Olenberg1/2022
Aria & Penny SheppardPop Kevin Smith1/2022