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This weeks’ theme is “Two is Better than One.” While we’re featuring cats and kittens looking for a home, keep reading to learn about a bonded pair of dogs who are looking for a home together, too! And there’s one week left in our “Adopt 1, Adopt a 2nd for FREE” cat and kitten adoption special, which ends Aug. 19.  While lots of pairs of kittens and cats have found their homes in the past week, we want this last week to be even more successful!

You can stop in the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter anytime to meet all the candidates for adoption. The Kitten Nursery is filled with adorable kittens of all colors and personalities hoping that you will pick them. You can pick a pair or make your own match of two singletons. Don’t forget – you can also adopt two adult cats!

Since I know you are thinking that now may be the perfect time to adopt, here’s a pair to consider: Harley Quinn and Joker. This bonded brother/sister pair has been raised in a foster home, so we already know they get along great with other family pets and people. Harley Quinn is a total love bug, while the Joker is a total ladies’ man. Both kittens are tabby and white, and Joker has a little black dot on his nose. If you are looking for personality, check; if you are looking for adorable, check; if you are looking for a good deal, check; adopt Joker and Harley Quinn comes along for free.

While not a traditional “pair” I suggest meeting two very special cats, Tina and Katie.  They are two of the cats who have been in the shelter the longest- for over 2 months!  Both are very lovely, sweet ladies who have lived with other cats and currently bunking right near each other. Katie is in the apartment right above Tina. Katie is a beautiful tabby cat with gorgeous, expressive eyes; Tina is a chubby white cat with tabby markings who has the more adorable little apple face. It would be icing on the cake to see these cats, whom we have had so much time to fall in love with, both find a home.

You also should check out the “Lucky” litter: Ehren and Mischi. This pair also was raised in foster care, so they’re family-ready. Ehren is a black-and-white male and Michi is a black-and-white female with a little white mustache. Ehren and Michi are both very friendly and 12 weeks old.

On to our special canine pair. Head on into the shelter, proceed to the adoption kennels, walk almost to the end and look to your left. You will see a beautiful pair: Diamond and Max. Max is a big chocolate boy who has a big mouth – but don’t let that put you off, he’s just trying to get your attention. Out of the kennel he’s a big chocolatey marshmallow. Diamond is a gorgeous, smaller lady who is almost silver in color. Diamond arrived at the shelter for the first time in 2012, as a cruelty case. She was covered in wounds and emaciated. She looked like a skeleton and her expression was so defeated. She recovered in the shelter, and was soon happy and healthy and found an adoptive home. Sadly, she’s back at the shelter and brought along her best friend, Max. Since these two are such a special pair, you can adopt one and take the other home for free. We’re hoping this incentive keeps these two together and helps them find a home very quickly.

Tina, Katie, Joker, Harley Quinn, Ehren, Mischi, and Diamond and Max are only a small sampling of the many cats, kittens, and dogs of all sizes that are at the shelter, waiting day after day for that special day when they are picked for adoption. Make that day today!

Source: Don’t adopt one pet this week – adopt two!

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