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May 22, 2021 @ 10:00 am – May 29, 2021 @ 3:00 pm
South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter
1244 N Delsea Drive Vineland
NJ 08360

Kittens! Kittens! Everywhere!

Kittens are some of the most adorable & silly little creatures on the plant. They win your heart with tiny mews and sweet purrs, they make you laugh until you can't breathe with their goofy antics and they make you envy the way they don't seem to know their own size and will tackle any obstacle in their way (often to regret it later).

So who DOESN'T love kittens? No one. Most people see those great things mentioned above, but shelter workers across the country know that kitten season also means thousands of homeless kittens, thousands of cats arriving at shelter doors with litters of kittens that may never find homes of their own. It most often also means hundreds of kittens so young that they cannot feed themselves, and kittens with illnesses and injuries that no animal should ever have to suffer through.

Here at SJRAS we've made great strides in reducing the number of unwanted kittens by assisting pet owners and community caretakers to have pets spayed or neutered. We place as many kittens as we can each and every year. Our network of foster homes, volunteers and specialized neo-natal Kitten Cuddler crew help us to offer a brighter future for kittens that just three years ago would have faced euthanasia due to illness or age. While we DO still receive more kittens than we can possibly place, we are proud to partner with so many wonderful shelters and rescues up and down the east coast, many of whom have larger facilities or are in a higher population area where the demand for kittens is constant. Our can volunteers and transport volunteers will give a ride to anywhere from 10-50 cats at a time to a sister-shelter where they are assured to be treated for any illness and/or adopted quickly into new loving homes.

With help from local animal lovers, together we can keep increasing the numbers of kittens that will receive the vet care they so desperately need. We can continue to spay/neuter cats in the community to reduce the number of homeless kittens. And finally, we will better be able to find a happily ever after for each and every kitten in our area.

Will you help us continue this mission? Every donation counts - from $1 to $1,000. In addition to donations, we can always use help from volunteers. From general cat socialization volunteers to specialized bottle-baby feeders, from those that can assist with Trap/Neuter/Vaccinate/Return (TNVR) programs or those who like to drive and can transport pets from our shelter to a partner shelter...if you're a cat lover or even a cat liker, we need YOUR HELP to help save each little life that arrives at our door in need of help.

Would you rather provide items that we need?

From April until October the kittens showing up at the door don't stop. We have a constant need for supplies that help us care for them and keep them safe & healthy while we help them find their new homes.

Visit our KITTEN WISH LIST on Amazon to see the list of items that we so desperately need. Amazon makes it easy to know what we need and to have it delivered right to our door in a short amount of time.

Or maybe you would like to be more hands on & directly impact the lives of these tiny bundles of fur. We have a TON of opportunities to help with the felines at SJRAS, one of the most important is our Kitten Cuddlers program. Check out the program and see if it's the purrfect fit for what you'd like to do to help.

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