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May 12, 2019 all-day America/New York Timezone

Help your female pets live happier & healthier lives –

have them SPAYED!


  • Your female pet will live a longer, healthier life. Spaying helps prevent uterine infections and breast tumors, which are malignant or cancerous in about 50 percent of dogs and 90 percent of cats. Spaying your pet before her first heat offers the best protection from these diseases. (per ASPCA see the full article HERE)

  • our spayed female pet won’t go into heat. While cycles can vary, female felines usually go into heat four to five days every three weeks during breeding season. In an effort to advertise for mates, they’ll yowl and urinate more frequently—sometimes all over the house! (per ASPCA see the full article HERE)

And of course, not to mention that there are THOUSANDS of pets in shelters across the country in need of homes – why bring more unwanted animals into existence while there are so many who are literally DYING for a home of their own?

This one day price break is good for May 12th 2019 only. Discount applies onto the appointments reserved online. Use promo code NotAMomma to have the discount applied at checkout.

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