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SJRAS Event Calendar

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Buffalo Wild Wings @ Buffalo Wild Wings
Feb 1 – Feb 29 all-day
My Furry Valentine Photo Contest
Feb 1 – Feb 29 all-day
SJRAS Kissing Booth @ SJRAS
Feb 8 – Feb 15 all-day

Our famous kissing booth returns this year! Help us give the kiss-off to pet homelessness by dropping in at the shelter and kissing your favorite adoptable pet! You’ll earn an entry in our “basket of love” drawing!

Then, share your kissing photo on social media with the hashtag #IKissedADog or #IKissedACat and tag SJRAS in your post. We’ll give you an extra entry for each social media network you post your photo on – simple as that!

Why do we do this? Because even if YOU aren’t in the market to add a new cat or dog to your household, one of your many social media connections may be. Having your kissing booth photo put right in front of them may result in THEM adopting a new friend.

So put your mouth where your heart is ? and drop by for your kissing close up!

Joe Corbi Pizza & Dessert Sales
Feb 12 – Mar 9 all-day

We’re at it again! Staff & volunteers will be selling Joe Corbi items to help support the daily cost of caring for the hundreds of homeless pets in our care each day.

  • Pizza kits ranging from healthy whole grain to meat-lover varieties
  • Cookie dough kits that are not only fun but also DELICIOUS
  • Decadent cheesecakes from classic to Reeses Peanut Butter Cup
  • Cinnabons to churros to Mr.Fields cookies!
  • More pie’s than you can name without making yourself hungry!

The best part? They all freeze well! So you can keep your items frozen until the perfect time comes about for a fun family make-your-own pizza night or a lazy day spent sharing time with family making bunches of delicious cookies.


To place your order simply visit the shelter during business hours or reach out to a shelter volunteer – they’ll have brochures ready for you to help us help the animals

 – OR –

NEW!! Place your order online! Visit the Corbi website at and use our participant code 503137 at checkout and we’ll get credit for your order!