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Mar 25 2023


All Day

EVs for APs

Calling all Tesla owners or those curious about EVs!

We are lucky enough to have our friends at Delaware Valley Tesla Owners Club stopping by again this year! They’ll be bringing tons of goodies in their FRUNKS for the pets waiting for their homes in the SJRAS facility. You’ll be able to visit our favorite furry friends… and yes, you will be able to pet them and welcome them to check out cool frunks!

*You do not have to own a pet to come to this event, but you might fall in love with some of the animals there and wish to take them all home with you.*

Upon arrival we will park at the north end of the parking lot (additional overflow parking will be on the east side). If you’d like to purchase items that the shelter needs you will be able to add those items to our FRUNKS while we’re there!.

What’s a FRUNK you ask? Check out the Delaware Valley Tesla Owners Club’s website to learn all about Tesla’s features and all of the cool things Tesla owners are up to these days.

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