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Hey there! I’m Fitz, a super social 2.5yr old fella looking for a fun family that I can call my own. I lived in a home with kids that I loved, other cats that I got to spend my days playing & curling up for naps with, and I even like DOGS! Yes, you read that right – I like dogs of all sizes as long as they are used to cats and won’t try to chase me. Well, a little chasing is fun, and I don’t mind playing with them, but I don’t want to live with a dog that’s rude and I’m gonna have to be on guard around all the time. I only find myself homeless because my newborn human sibling is highly allergic the felines so my family couldn’t keep me. I’m basically the PURRRfect cat for any home, so what are you waiting for? Come get me outta here!

See more photos of flirty Fitz here on his page

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