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Think Your Adopted Pup Has What it Takes to be

The Dog of the Year Fundraiser is a contest between 12 dogs that have been adopted from South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter and Cumberland County SPCA. Each participating dog’s photo is presented on a display board (donated by Sign Graphics) that travels to various local events. The public chooses their favorite dog among the photos of the 12 contestants and “votes” by placing money in the box below their favorite dog’s photo. Each doggy contestant is also given four donation boxes with their photo attached to place at local businesses of their choice. You may also vote by making a donation for your favorite nominated dog on our website through paypal. At the end of the contest the money garnished from each dog’s photos and donation boxes are totaled and the winning dog is the one whose photo has brought in the most donations.

Each dog that participates must be sponsored by a local business or by their family.

Although there can only be one winner, the spirit of the contest usually becomes 12 animal loving supporters working together to get the total donations for all 12 dogs as high as possible. Many people bring their doggy contestants to our events to show them off to the public and to gain a few votes. It is a fun and rewarding contest and one of the shelter’s largest fundraisers. A vote for any of these dogs is a vote to support all the animals in our community in need of loving homes.

Help us make 2020 an even more wonderful year for the homeless pets of South Jersey!