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Sign Up for Online Fundraising! 


Not only will this allow you to receive donations from friends & family right in the neighborhood who would prefer to make the donation online, but it also opens up the world of social media websites! Once your personalized page is set up you can easily share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn & Instagram. The share buttons also allow you the option to email it directly to someone, or to print a hard copy to hand at work in the breakroom or hand out to others at baseball practice.


All donations are securely processed by Paypal, and can be made with any card with a Visa, MasterCharge or Discover logo. Donors can also use their paypal account funds to donate.


What Will My Page Look Like?

That depends a LOT on what YOU want it to look like. You supply the message, the photos, any graphics and you specify the donation goal. We'll put the page together & send you a proof. You can change things around, add items or take them away, and give your page a personal feel. Below are two of personal pages we've created for our Step for a Pet event. Every page has the same donation form at the bottom, as well as the easy to use SHARE buttons for various social media sites.


Ready for Your Personalized Page?