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On Christmas Day, we estimate Gracie would be 28 days old and finally, after her VERY rough beginning, she has been truly thriving for the past week and a half. She was able to completely recover from aspirating her formula without coming down with pneumonia. Her skin, which had several spots that were affected by some sort of infection, has made a full turn around and the fur is growing back nicely. At her last weigh in she tipped the scales at 3.9 pounds! We’re happy to report that she has also had some developmental milestones this week!



On day twelve she began wagging her tail when she was approached by one of the adult animals in the house and today, day eighteen, she woke up all full of herself and ready to play with her fellow foster, ten week old kitten, ‘Adonis’. On day sixteen, she ate out of a dish for the very first time and is now sleeping through the night. She also got her first round of puppy shots on Monday and was a real trooper about it.Every day now it seems as though she’s getting stronger and more aware of her surroundings. She passed the ‘infant’ stage and settling into being a toddler. Her vision is developing on schedule, her weight is great, her appetite is really good and her orneriness is increasing on a daily basis! She seemed quite happy with the new toys that Santa brought her and is trying her best to play with the rest of the pack.

Source: Gracie Continues To Improve

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