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There’s a new wave rushing in through the shelter doors; a surge of Huskies coming in regularly. They have now taken over as the third most common breed to come in as strays. Their popularity has been growing rapidly in our area and it’s not uncommon for us to have five or six in the building at any given time.

Last week we had enough of them to make our own sled team!

Their beauty is undeniable, their luxurious coats and regal conformation give them an almost majestic appearance. However, for the average home, this breed can prove a difficult breed to maintain as a house pet.

There are pros and cons. But choosing a Husky as a pet should only be done after careful consideration and planning.

First, let me make it very clear that the cons of Husky ownership are mostly about the owner, not the breed. The negatives are all about the work and commitment required to keep them happy and well balanced, which many people are not able to do.

Huskies are considered working dogs, which means they are typically very high energy and require a significant amount of physical activity and mental stimulation. A lack of those things will result in a destructive, anxiety ridden dog.

The reason we get so many Huskies in as strays is because they are incredible escape artists. They will go over, under or through just about any type of fencing and can be door darters if the opportunity presents itself. They also have a high predatory drive for small animals, further enhancing their desire to escape any type of confinement.

Before acquiring a Husky, you will need to first go out and buy the best vacuum on the market … and then buy a second one to have as a backup. They are very heavy shedders to say the least.

They also have a strong pack drive, meaning they do not do well if left alone for long periods.

Enough about the challenges of loving a Husky, let’s talk about some the pros.

They are by nature gentle and friendly to both other dogs and people. They’re very playful and make great sporting partners, always up for a run, a nice hike or fun and games in back yard.

Along with their gorgeous appearance, they are also highly intelligent and will bond deeply with their humans when placed in a successful home.

Like all things worth having in life, there’s a lot of work involved. But it’s definitely worth it with these fabulous dogs.

Shelter needs: Dog and cat adult dry food without red dyes, small dog treats, canned dog and cat food, cat nip, cardboard cat scratchers, paper towels, and gift cards for pet supply and grocery outlets.

Source: Huskies are wonderful pets for the right person or family; but do your research!

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