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The Petco Foundation has awarded our shelter a $30,000 grant which will extend our efforts to save the lives of countless more animals in the Cumberland/Salem County areas. In the past few years the opportunities to place more animals in permanent homes through adoptions and a network of rescues and other shelters has increased exponentially.  These opportunities come at a cost however, as many resources are necessary to prepare those animals to go home or transfer to our rescue partners. Litters of infant kittens that might never have had a chance in years past, are now raised in foster homes and either adopted out from here or sent on to other organizations along the north eastern United States to be adopted.  Adult animals that would make wonderful companions but are continually passed over by adopters, spend weeks and sometimes months in the shelter; without grants like this from the Petco Foundation and other donations, we would not be able to give them the care and services necessary when they are here for longer periods. Stray and unwanted pets often come in needing veterinary care that, until recently, would have severely hampered their chances of being adopted. Once again, those animals with special needs now have opportunities to get the care they so desperately need, either from us or from our fantastic rescue partners. The biggest challenge in saving all of these animals, young and old, healthy or special needs, is to have the resources to carry them through this part of their journey to a real home.

Our commitment to find placement for our homeless dogs and cats often involves long term foster care, lengthy stays at the shelter, special diets, multiple vaccine and parasite treatments, veterinary treatment for respiratory or skin infections, diagnostic testing and much more. The Petco Foundation is all about bringing pets in need together with loving people; this grant, along with support from donors like you, will make that goal possible in 2018!

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