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Where do we start with Princess? After living a quite comfortable life with her owner, Princess finds herself at the shelter because her owner relocated to a retirement community and was not able to take Princess with her. She certainly never missed a meal, as she's quite um, how do we say it nicely... squishy. And while many people see a 6yr old cat and think they're old, they'd be WRONG about that with this lady. She enjoys playing with toys and chasing lazer lights just as much as she enjoys getting affection from her people. She lived with another cat and was just fine, but we don't know if she's ever lived with dogs. Her ideal day is one spent lounging around the house and keeping at eye on the neighborhood by assuming her guard position at a window. She'll follow you around if you have something she thinks she's interested in, but not in a pesky kinda way. From time to time you'll see her sprint from one toy to another, or from one room to another (being chased by imaginary butterflies maybe? We don't know...). So all in all this lovebug is the ideal cat - 50% leave me alone and 50% humans are okay 😄 Stop in at the shelter to meet our Princess and consider taking her to YOUR castle! 🤴

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