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AARC - Adoption Assistance for Retired Citizens

*Subject to availability of funds. Please ask your adoption coordinator about this program to ensure funding is available at the time of your adoption.

Offering Discount Adoptions for Seniors

Animals can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and increase social interaction and physical activity. Pets can also have an astounding effect on symptoms of depression and feelings of loneliness.

With financial help from Pets for the Elderly, SJRAS is happy to offer a reduced adoption fee for ANY adopter 60 years young or older. This program will allow seniors, some of whom are on fixed incomes, to focus on providing FOR the new pet instead of on the adoption fee. Truly a new leash on life for everyone involved!

So what are you waiting for? Stop in TODAY to meet your new best friend!

AARC Program

Adopters 60+ years of age (regardless of retirement or income status)

$50 Off the Adoption fee of Any Dog or Cat

Can Be Applied to Bonded Pairs as Well - Meaning $100 Off!

AARC Program Adoptions

Virginia & Kenny

Victoria & Buddy

Theresa & Amos

Terry & Jay & Jordan

Susan & Willow

Susan & Ginger

Shirley & Dutchess

Shirley & Coco

Shari & Georgie

Rosemarie & Dandelion

Roberta & Yang

Richard & Diane & Maggie

Patricia & Tito

Patricia & Rosey

Patricia & Poet

Pam & Marina

Nancy & Chichi

Martha & Ike & Tina

Mariella & Donald & Inara

Marguerit & pippin

Lourdes & Allie

Lori & Mascapone

Lois & Chip

Linda & Bailey

Lillian & Jessie

Larry & Kip

Joann & Sheebe

Jean & Peta

Jaqueline & Albie

Jacqueline & Seraphina

Hope & Dandy

Hildur & Tabitha

Gary & Evita

Gail & Maggie

Gail & Gracelyn

Felix & Canoodle

Elizabeth & Mottley

Elizabeth & Lady

Elizabeth & Clara

Edith & Pinto

Donna & Chaco

Diane & Phil

Cynthia & Snickers

Cindy & Elmer

Christine & Archie

Cheryl & Blake

Charlotte & Joshua

Charlotte & Dizzy

Charles & Denise & Farrah

Bob & Odie

Bob & Alice

Beverly & Sky

Beverly & Norman

Barbara & Skipper

Barbara & Rocco

Barbara & Rainbow

Annie & Cohansey & Maurice

Annette & Musique

Ana & Fizzgig


Anthony & Rigby


Antionette & Zoey


Christine & Nova


Karen & Ebony


Michael & Jeanine & Wittle Baby


Sally & Keyla


Sharon & Jasper


Would you like to donate to this wonderful, life enriching program? Visit Pets for the Elderly to learn more about their mission and what you can do to help.