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Want to keep your pet but need help finding resources? Check out the RESOURCE SECTION below.

Community Outreach

South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter is here to assist the families of our community with their pets. Our goal is to work with families to enable them to keep their pets. In situations where that is not possible, we work with families to explore options for a safe placement for their pet. Whether a pet needs to be rehomed or a family is seeking resources, we are here to provide support and assistance.

If you are facing challenges with your pet, please reach out. A pet is a lifetime commitment and we will help you determine if there are any resources available (financial, medical, behavioral, etc.) that can help you fulfill that commitment to your pet.

Rehoming a pet is a difficult and serious decision. We understand that there are situations that make rehoming necessary. Whether you need help making a decision, exploring your options, or navigating the rehoming process, we do our best to help. We will provide resources and can often offer courtesy posting via social media and networking with our partner organizations to help you safely find placement for your pet.

If you are in need of other assistance with your pet, please reach out. We strive to respond to all inquiries within 24-48 hours. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to solve your problem or find placement for your pet. Some pets may be a candidate for release to the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter (please see our Owner Surrender page).

Others may be able to take advantage of the Adopt-a-Pet & Petco Foundation's REHOME tool or use the list of resources below to find placement for their pet before having to utilize the SJRAS shelter as a last resort.

Owners are responsible for following up and maintaining contact with our Community Outreach staff person. Please expect to be asked for specific information and photos/video of your pet. Ultimately, placement is the owner’s responsibility.

If you are seeking assistance, please complete the ASSISTANCE REQUEST form below. After submitting the information you will receive an email giving your further detail/instructions regarding the resources that the Life Line program may be able assist you with.


Pets In Need

Check out some of the pets in our COMMUNITY OUTREACH NETWORK who are currently still with their owners but hoping to find a new home before having to enter the shelter. All communications between owner & prospective adopter are facilitated thru the REHOME platform powered by Adopt-a-Pet.

All communication, applications for adoption, and adoption logistics (meets/fees/etc) are dictated by the owner of the pet and not SJRAS. These pets are listed for adoption as referral or "courtesy listing" only so as to help the owner and pet achieve a positive rehoming of the pet.

Adoptable Outreach Pets

Some of the Lives Impacted by our Outreach Program

Ginger and I are extremely appreciative of what the SJRAS Outreach program helping to fund the required x-rays and finding a vet to splint & provide follow up care.  I lost all hope and you helped me get Ginger back into shape. If it weren't for the outreach program, I would have lost my best friend. Now he's able to keep his leg and he'll be back to his normal healthy self in no time! Thank you!

~ Mena and Ginger

I really appreciate everything your program did for Star. I couldn't afford the surgery to have her tumor removed and the Outreach Dept found a clinic that would do the surgery. This saved my dog's life and I appreciate it. God Bless.

~ Sue and Star

When Capone was injured, raising the funds to cover his emergency care was impossible. Thanks to the Outreach Dept's help in providing some of the funding, and helping us to connect with other funding sources, he was able to receive the care he needed. Capone is now home and right back to his normal self. I cannot express how grateful I am for the help you provided me. I will keep you updated on his recovery, he is super excited to be home and so am I. Thank you again for everything!

~ Jennifer and Capone

Thanks to a rehoming situation, your outreach program matched me with a cat needing a new home. I have been together with Conchita for two weeks and we get along well. She seems to love it here. It's the perfect place for this little Diva. Thanks for another good match from your organization.

~ Darlene and Conchita

Other Resources to Check Out

Routine Medical

South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter - SJRAS provides low-cost vaccines on the third Saturday of spring/summer months between 9:00 – 12:00p.m.  SJRAS also has an on-site clinic for low cost spay and neuter services.  Please see our website for more information on Vaccine Clinics  and  Low Cost Spay/Neuter

Atlantic County SPCA - Low-Cost vaccines, Spay/Neuter for dogs and cats, dental cleanings and extractions, and minor surgeries including tumor removals, biopsies, hernia repairs, entropian correction, hematoma correction, etc.  Please see website for detailed information. Contact ACSPCA at 609-927-9059.

Animal Friends Foundation - Offers Veterinary Vouchers for local veterinarians providing Spay/Neuter surgeries for dogs and cats.  Contact Animal Friends Foundation at 856-503-5572, 614 E. Landis Ave, Vineland.

People for Animals - Low Cost Spay/Neuter for dogs & cats, wellness services such as vaccines, routine testing, microchipping, etc. PFA also offers feral cat services.  Contact PFA at 856-243-5211, 1200 N. Delsea Drive, Clayton

Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center Clinic - Low Cost Spay/Neuter for dogs and cats and wellness services including vaccines, routine testing, dental exams, and microchipping. Contact HBC at 856-401-1300 x106.

Animal Welfare Association - Low Cost Spay/Neuter for dogs and cats, pet wellness clinic, vaccine days, and products.  AWA also offers services for feral cat caregivers.  Contact AWA clinic at 856-424-2288, 509 Centennial Blvd in Voorhees.

Emergency/Specialized Medical
Crisis/Military Assistance
Pet Friendly Housing
Feral Cats

Breed Specific Resources

If your cat or dog is a purebred or a known cross breed you may be able to secure assistance working with a rescue group that specializes in the breed. Use your favorite search engine to search for rescues of any type just by searching your pets' breed and the word rescue. You can include the name of your state as well for more tailored results.  If your search returns rescues that don't appear to be located near you don't despair - many rescues cover large territories spanning multiple states. Most times they are a network of regular everyday people that have owned the breed they specialize in, and they all work together to provide assistance to owners of that breed in various areas. Reach out to them and see if they have resources in your state or near your location. Because they know the breed so well, often times they are able to give new owners tips on solving/preventing issues that are common to the breed and are well aware of the medical conditions that are most likely to be seen in the breed.

Remember, your pet is counting on you to make a responsible decision for their future placement.  Whether you are placing them in a home or with a rescue, don't be shy about seeking information such as veterinary references, site visits, adoption procedures, care plants, etc.  Please feel free to contact our Outreach Coordinators for more information about how to screen rescues and/or adopters at .