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SJRAS's TNVR Program

In 2020, South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter began a TNVR (Trap Neuter Vaccinate and Release) program.  Our goal is to reduce the outdoor cat populations in Cumberland and Salem counties by working together with our community to spay and neuter as many community cats (also known as feral cats) as possible.  South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter believes that TNVR is the most effective way to address the very significant cat overpopulation problem that plagues our community and our shelter.

Need help finding other TNVR information or resources? Check out the RESOURCE SECTION below.

TNVR Resources & Information

Local Low Cost TNVR Spay/Neuter Services

(Resources with an * have special pricing for feral cats)

South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter - SJRAS provides low-cost vaccines on the third Saturday of spring/summer months between 9:00 – 12:00p.m.  SJRAS also has an on-site clinic for low cost spay and neuter services.  Please see our website for more information on Vaccine Clinics  and  Low Cost Spay/Neuter

*Atlantic County SPCA - Low-Cost vaccines, Spay/Neuter for dogs and cats, dental cleanings and extractions, and minor surgeries including tumor removals, biopsies, hernia repairs, entropian correction, hematoma correction, etc.  Please see website for detailed information. Contact ACSPCA at 609-927-9059.

*People for Animals - Low Cost Spay/Neuter for dogs & cats, wellness services such as vaccines, routine testing, microchipping, etc. PFA also offers feral cat services.  Contact PFA at 856-243-5211, 1200 N. Delsea Drive, Clayton

*Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center Clinic - Low Cost Spay/Neuter for dogs and cats and wellness services including vaccines, routine testing, dental exams, and microchipping. Contact HBC at 856-401-1300 x106.

*Animal Welfare Association - Low Cost Spay/Neuter for dogs and cats, pet wellness clinic, vaccine days, and products.  AWA also offers services for feral cat caregivers.  Contact AWA clinic at 856-424-2288, 509 Centennial Blvd in Voorhees.

Animal Friends Foundation - Offers Veterinary Vouchers for local veterinarians providing Spay/Neuter surgeries for dogs and cats.  Contact Animal Friends Foundation at 856-503-5572, 614 E. Landis Ave, Vineland.