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The new year is upon us and let this be your annual reminder to license your pets. Normally, I would have a schedule for you of free rabies vaccine clinics to be held within all the municipalities, but so far there has been no notice from the Cumberland County Health Department.

I did however find a schedule for Salem county residents. For details, visit

Regardless of the availability of free clinics, the licensing requirements are still in effect throughout the state.

If you can’t get an appointment or need a low-cost alternative to your regular veterinary clinic, you may be able to have your pet vaccinated at locations such as:

  • People For Animals, 1001 N. High St., Millville, (856) 243-5211,
  • PetVet Clinics/VIP Petcare at Tractor Supply stores, visit for clinic times and information.

If you visit any clinic other than the free county clinics, consider having your pet microchipped! I cannot stress the importance of this enough. We just had a very complicated situation over a little dog that was impounded by animal control whose owner had no proof of ownership.

There was no identification tag on the dog, no microchip, no veterinary paperwork linking the dog to the person, no license and no proof of sale or adoption. As per state law, the animal control officer could not allow anyone to reclaim the dog without providing some sort of proof.

This was a miserable ordeal for everyone involved in trying to reunite the dog with his people. What should have been an easy five-minute process of identifying the dog and signing a reclaim statement, turned into almost 24 hours of frustration.

You can have a microchip implanted here at the shelter or at any veterinary clinic. When you chip your pet at the shelter, we register your information for you.

If you acquire a dog or cat that has been chipped previously, make sure you get transfer of ownership paperwork and update the chip with your information.

Shelter needs: Canned cat and dog food (pate’ style, if possible), non-clumping cat litter, soft dog treats, string cheese, paper towels, liquid hand soap, and gift cards for pet supply and grocery outlets.

Source: Schedule your pet’s rabies vaccination appointment; microchips help reunite pets & owners

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