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Rehoming a Pet You Can No Longer Keep

At South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter we understand how complex and difficult the decision to rehome a pet can be. We understand that rehoming can be the most compassionate choice for your pet. Our Outreach Rehome program empowers owners to take charge of the rehoming process and offers your pet the dignity of a home to home placement, rather than a shelter cage or kennel. The SJRAS Outreach team will support you throughout the rehoming process.

Before you rehome - can we help you keep your pet?

SJRAS Community Outreach has resources available to help people keep their pets. Please visit the Community Outreach section of this site to learn about the many ways that we can assist you.

Helpful Rehoming Links

For Kittens in Need of Placement

SJRAS is piloting a program called Kittens in Transition (KITs) for young kittens (12 weeks and younger) in need of placement. Our KITs program gives caregivers a safe, compassionate option for placing kittens.

Community Outreach

If you are facing challenges with your pet, please reach out. A pet is a lifetime commitment and we will help you determine if there are any resources available (financial, medical, behavioral, etc.) that can help you fulfill that commitment to your pet.

Assistance Request Form

Complete this form to request assistance from SJRAS's HOME to HOME Coordinators. They can provide valuable insights in your journey to rehome your pet.

(WARNING - this link will take you away from SJRAS's website)

Home to Home

Home To Home™ is an interactive platform created to help families, people, and pets with the difficult task of transitioning pets from one home to another.

Frequently Asked Questions

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