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Shadow is a pretty tabby cat who needs to find a new home because of the owner’s difficult living situation. Although they stayed together through losing a home, the owner is now caring for young children, one of whom has severe allergies. Shadow has been staying in the basement to keep the baby from getting sick, and he’s not very happy down there. He’s used to being with his family and at first was meowing desperately for attention, but has since given up. Shadow was very affectionate especially with his owner, who was his primary caregiver. He may be shy at first, but warms up and is playful and docile. He’s an inside only cat. He uses his litterbox as long as its’ clean, but the family has run out of litter several times and in those instances he has gone outside of it. He is in need of vaccines and neutering. Please contact to help Shadow.

See more photos of Shadow on his webpage

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