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As you sit here reading this, we’re down to the wire. If you’re not done your shopping, you’re in trouble. There’s nothing left in the stores worth giving and it’s too late for Amazon to bail you out.

And really, let’s face it, at this late date unless you’re buying for a kid, you’re more likely just buying something for the shear sake of buying something because it’s so hard to figure out what our loved ones need or want.

So, whether you’re celebrating a holiday or simply celebrating the end of this incredibly miserable year, why not do something kind for those people on your list? The most meaningful gifts don’t have to come from a fat wallet, they just have to come from a big heart.

While we’re on the subject of making someone happy by doing something meaningful, glance over at the faces next to this column. Now do me a favor and look again, closely and carefully this time.

For every set of eyes staring back out you there’s the chance to give the gift of life, of a home, of love.

Are you familiar with that Mariah Carey song, “All I want for Christmas is You!”? I don’t want to violate any copyright laws so Google it if you have a minute. The lyrics pretty much sum it up for the animals in these pictures and the other 200 pets currently in shelter care.

The staff and board of directors of SJRAS wish you all safe and happy holidays!

Shelter needs: A home for all of our pets!

To submit an adoption form for one of the Pets of the Week or another animal at the shelter, visit


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