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First, I want to thank whoever it was that sawed the catalytic converters off the shelter van and pickup truck and absconded with them. It’s so nice to spend 100s of dollars replacing stolen auto parts rather than helping the animals that the money could have provided for.

My own common decency and the legitimacy of this newspaper prevent me from writing what I really think of the despicable person or persons who did this. But I’m guessing most of you reading this can read between the lines. I was told by the detective that there has been a spate of this type of thievery up and down Delsea Drive. So I’m sure the Vineland Police Department would love to have the information regarding those involved should you hear anything pertinent. Alright, enough of that, certainly we’ve had more than our share of negativity in 2020; thank goodness it’s almost over!

So far as actual animal related issues go, I just wanted to give you a couple of quick reminders. We’ve only had a couple of really chilly nights so far but hopefully it was enough to get those of you with outside animals to get prepped for the winter. November’s weather looks fairly mild so it’s a good time to get your outdoor housing, feeding and watering stations set up.

If you have dogs or cats outside, make sure their housing is weatherproof and set up with proper bedding. Whether its dogs, cats or birds that you care for, this is a great time to purchase water bowl and birdbath heaters because once the weather turns, they sell out quickly.

Outdoor animals may also need more calories in the winter.  If you’re feeding free roaming cats, increase the amount of food you give them. Dogs should have their weight monitored as they may or may not need an increase according to the amount of time spent outside and their activity level. Pay special attention to animals with long fur as it is harder to pick up on weight loss. For bird lovers, adding extra sunflower seeds, peanuts and suet to your feeders will keep your feathered friends fat and happy.

Finally, no matter what the weather, please remember that the deer are in rut this time of year, adding yet another hazard to driving. From the trauma of hitting a beautiful animal to the hassle of insurance claims and auto repairs, it’s an awful experience. No matter whether you’re driving in residential areas or out along the woods and fields, keep your eyes peeled. Recently, a four-point buck got hit in center city Vineland in the middle of the afternoon so please be careful wherever your travels take you.

Shelter needs: High value dog treats (soft treats, bully sticks, pig ears, etc.), Purina Kitten Chow, cat litter, canned chicken, paper egg cartons (no styrofoam), newspapers, paper towels, gift cards for grocery and pet supply outlets.

To submit an adoption form for one of the Pets of the Week or another animal at the shelter, visit

Source: South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter: Catalytic converters and preparing for winter

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