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VINELAND – Most people are familiar with the term ‘designer dog’, it refers to one of the many, many, many mixed breeds that have been purposefully bred for a specific outcome. Cockapoos, Labradoodles, Puggles, Schnoodles; the list goes on and on. Pet owners want specific characteristics or looks, the most popular by far being the Poodle mixes that greatly reduce shedding.

On the flip side of that, I wish there was a way to order up ‘designer’ homes for homeless pets that have specific needs. One of the most frequent phrases heard in shelters is “he’s a great dog, he just needs the right kind of home.” This can mean many things; the dog needs to have room to run or he can’t be around kids or he can’t live with cats, etc. It’s frustrating when you can recognize the potential in a pet, yet have it sit for long periods of time just waiting for that special home that meets all their needs.

Such is the case with Diamond, a dog who has been waiting for her chance at a permanent home for more than 400 days. In August 2019, Diamond was found tied to a fence with one infant puppy and an adult male dog. She had all the usual maladies of a neglected dog: emaciation, internal and external parasites, an open wound, scabs on the ears – pretty much the whole gamut of troubles.

Once our staff started caring for her, she became a very happy, wiggly, tail-wagging dog. The problem was that she had suffered some emotional scars from her rough beginning. As we got to know her better, we realized that she would require a special home to help her heal. She’s afraid of strangers and men. She likes attention but is a little intimidated if anyone tries to hug her and get all up in her face. She would benefit from living with a male dog that has good social skills and could be a role model for her. Diamond could be a real gem in a quiet home with a nice lady with no kids and a four-legged male buddy to play with. There are lots of those homes out there, right?

Diamond has been in foster care since last December with a trainer that initially agreed to take her for a week just to give us a better idea of her personality in a home, away from the stress of the shelter kennels. The week passed and then it was the holidays and then adoptions were slow in January and suddenly it’s nine months later. Diamond has been very fortunate to stay with the trainer, learn how to be a house pet and gain some much-needed confidence, but it’s time to move forward. The trainer is relocating and even if she weren’t, this dog deserves to be in a loving home of her own. She’s been posted for adoption on the website and on social media for all these months but still no bites (no pun intended!).

Source: South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter: Diamond needs a home where she can shine

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