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In just a few days, we'll be "Marching" into spring. In a little more than a week, we'll be "springing" ahead and enjoying a little more daylight in the evening. Any minute now, the skies will open up and the kittens will rain down and wreak havoc on our poor shelter worker souls.

Having had such a mild winter, there's no doubt that the breeding season will be early, hot and heavy. The good news is that we've seen a definite uptick in spay and neuter appointments in our clinic; many thanks to those of you who are being proactive by altering your pets before they start to reproduce.

Sadly, everyone hasn't gotten the memo about pet overpopulation.

A woman came into the shelter last week to reclaim a young pitbull puppy that had been removed from her property for being improperly tethered. She wanted assurance that we hadn't "done any surgeries on her," so I guess we know the fate of that little pup.

Please help spread the word - our spay and neuter clinic runs two to three times a week. Appointments can be scheduled easily and conveniently online. Go to our website,, hit the SERVICES drop down menu, click on SPAY AND NEUTER CLINIC … and perhaps, the world will be a more humane place for one lucky cat or dog.





Source: Spay and neuter pets to help reduce suffering

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