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Thanking animal hospital staff for being our heroes

Last week, one of the animal control officers walked in our back door with a big beautiful German shepherd on a control pole.

The ACO told us that, according to residents, the dog had been “running for a while.” When we got him inside and ready to get into a kennel, the staff realized that he smelled badly of infection. Our shelter veterinarian got him sedated so that the source of the infection could be determined. When all that long fur was brushed aside, she realized that he had an old collar on that he had apparently slipped his front right leg through. The collar had become embedded across his shoulder, chest and under the leg. He would need to have it surgically removed.

Still sedated, our staff got him onto a stretcher and the ACO rushed him over to Wilwyn Animal Hospital for the procedure. Dr. Mcalonan and his staff worked intensely to get the collar out, debride the dead tissue and clean out the infection.

“Angus”, as the dog is called, now sports a sash like incision across his shoulder, chest an under his leg. The collar was so long and so badly embedded that the scar is a couple of inches wide and at least eight inches long. Fortunately, being a long-haired shepherd, his scar will most probably be unnoticeable once the healing is complete.

Source: Thanking animal hospital staff for being our heroes


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