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This week I would like to share with you a "tail of three kitties."

The three special kitties are Yang, Inara, and Kaylee. They are, in fact, so special that we have created a special promotion just for them - Adopt Yang and Kaylee and Inara can come along home for free!

We were originally introduced to these ladies through South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter's outreach program. Their owner reached out for help, and we began networking them prior to their arrival at the shelter. Their situation was urgent, however, and at the time we had open cages at the shelter, so we brought them in so we could begin providing them with some needed veterinary care and continue to promote them for adoption or rescue.

As soon as I began working with their family, for some reason I had a feeling about these cats - I knew there was something special about them. The pictures I received of them showed what appeared to be beautiful cats, but it was hard to tell because they were blurry. Immediately upon their arrival, it was clear that with better nutrition and care, their already interesting faces would become showstoppers. And since beauty is only skin deep, I was thrilled to see how sweet and affectionate the three ladies were, even as they sat in intake in what had to be a stressful situation.

And what will that placement be? We can't help but be hopeful that perhaps a miracle would happen and the ladies can remain together. They do enjoy each other's company ... but most important is that they find great homes, together or on their own. Let's learn more about each lovely lady.

Yang is the mother, and one year older than her 10-year-old daughters. She is the most exotic looking, with a beautiful round face and expressive eyes. She is also the most energetic. She will do zoomies up the cat tree. She loves to be petted and will gently paw you for attention.

Inara is chatterbox who loves attention! She's the first one to greet you when you walk into the room. Inara was the skinniest of the bunch, and we noticed that even with increased feedings, she was having difficulty gaining weight. We were able to run blood work that determined she has a hyperthyroid disease, which fortunately is an easy fix. She simply requires an inexpensive medication each day and she's already begun to improve.

While they prefer not to be picked up, they will come right up to you or stand in your lap looking for attention. They seem to be cool with Sandy's very mellow dog. Sandy has affectionately started calling them "The Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit"! While I think that Sandy would be happy to have them forever, she is a very committed foster and she knows that for every day longer they stay, other cats lose their chance to be fostered and adopted. Don't forget that with these special ladies you can adopt all three for the price of one! If you are interested in Yang, Kaylee, or Inara (or all three) please reach out to the shelter today!

Source: These beautiful, special ladies eager to find forever home

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