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I have traveled with my dogs all of my adult life.

As a young Marine stationed in Washington, D.C., I even snuck my puppy home with me on the train for Christmas vacation. It used to be very difficult to find pet-friendly accommodations and even if you found a place to stay, you couldn't find much to do with them when you got there.

It's one of the main reasons I began going to the Outer Banks of North Carolina on a regular basis; it's like dog heaven down there. Much of this has changed though and it is becoming increasingly easy to take your dogs to all sorts of vacation destinations and find activities that they can participate in once you're there.

I recently had family in from Florida including their Havenese. This little dog has 72 flights under her belt! She's traveled more widely than most people! She weighs just 14 pounds, so she fits comfortably in a carrier that slips under the seat in front of her mom's feet. There's a fee for her to fly, but in general it's not too difficult to find airlines that allow dogs under 20 pounds to fly in the cabin with their owners.

As far as lodging is concerned, there are many, many places that accept pets. Hotels at every level, from Motel 6 to high end luxury hotels such as the Kimptons offer pet-friendly rooms for dogs of all sizes. Did you know that even Disney has dog friendly rooms available now? You can also find some great room rentals on Vacation Rental by Owner and Airbnb. I find some of the best accommodations on those sites because they tend to offer a more relaxed place for your pets and have easier access to outside areas to walk your dogs. Those online sites also allow the rental owner to review their guests after their visit; this makes it easier to make reservations once you establish yourself and your pets as good guests.

The hospitality industry is on to the fact that more and more people want to travel with their pets. New Jersey is so over-regulated that we are behind the trend; all the more reason to get away! And if you're in need of a traveling companion, we've got lots of candidates!

Source: Traveling with your pet getting easier and easier

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