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Junior Volunteers at SJRAS

Looking for a way to help the animals but maybe don't have the means to do it financially? Or perhaps you'd like to be a little more "hands on" and see the difference you can make? Welcome to the world of've never worked for anything more rewarding.  As a volunteer you are vitally important to the work we do. Every task you perform, no matter how small or routine it may seem, adds up to a significant contribution to the mission of our organization.
Volunteer programs enable us and other non-profit organizations to fill needs in the community that might otherwise go unmet. From the Board of Directors at the SJRAS who volunteer their time, to the crews who staff our fund-raising events, to the shelter workers and foster families who care for animals in our charge, dedicated volunteers are involved at every level of work.

Some do it for the satisfaction of serving a cause they believe in. Others do it for the sake of interacting with the animals in a positive way, or meeting new people with a similar passion for animals. Still other volunteer to gain on-the-job experience for later career development. But all of them do it for the joy of helping. Whatever your reasons, your caring makes a difference. We all sincerely thank you for giving your time, and your role here will not be unrecognized. We value your participation and hope that the time you spend here will be equally rewarding for you.

Ready to see what a difference YOU can make?

Complete the junior volunteer questionnaire to join in on the fun!