It is only through your generosity that we are able to save the lives of the thousands of unwanted pets that end up in our shelter every year. Without you, we would be unable to provide all of the basic care and essential medical services needed to prepare homeless animals for a much deserved second chance at long and healthy life. We are a private, non-profit organization that can only fulfill our mission of preventing cruelty to animals, finding loving, responsible homes for unwanted pets and helping citizens acquire affordable basic health care for animals in need, with your help.

Every single one of the five to six thousand animals we receive annually is given at least one round of vaccines, intestinal parasite medications and flea and tick treatments. Many of them require antibiotics for respiratory and skin infections. Kittens and puppies are often in our care for weeks or months and need multiple vaccine and parasite medications.

Although we are an open access shelter, there are no time limits on our animals. With the help of our amazing foster families, many of our pets, old and young, are in our care for extended periods. Working with sheltering partners throughout the north eastern United States and through a vast network of small rescue groups, we are now able to save more lives than we ever thought possible.

Rescuing so many animals is a huge undertaking that can only be successful with a dedicated network of people working together to make it happen. Without the generosity of donors like you this success would not be possible. Please consider being part of our ‘rescue party’ by donating today.


One Time Donations

Donate $10

Your donation can feed up to 49 of the homeless pets in our care for one day (not including those animals on specialized diets)



Donate $25

Provide life saving vaccines for 2 pets who enter the shelter & probably have never been given basic protection from disease



Donate $50

Allows us to provide the most basic medical care for common ailments in homeless pets. Things like antibiotics, parasite treatment, etc




Donate $100

For those special case animals who will need more than just the basic medical help. Things like heartworm treatment, x-rays, diagnostic bloodwork, tumor & tooth removals.



Donate Custom12-08 25

Assist in various costs & needs that arise each day at the shelter. From special feed or items to assist in caring for the animals


Recurring Donations

Donate $10 MONTHLY


Because we can count on your monthly support, we can purchase food in bulk, saving every penny possible. With mass purchases, your donation can now feed up to 70 animals in our care for one day



Donate $25 MONTHLY


Donating $25 each month automatically allows us to purchase vaccines in higher quantity, allow us to now vaccinate a litter of 3 kittens or puppies.



Donate $50 MONTHLY

Recurring payments allow us to prepare for those situations that we KNOW will arise - kittens with upper respritory infections, dogs with skin inflamation, matted pets requiring grooming.



Donate $100 MONHTLY

We make every attempt to transfer animals out to specialized rescue groups, but caring for them until transfer arrangements are made can be quite intensive. Your donation insures that we will be able to save that pets life instead of having to euthanize.



Donate a Custom Amount

Knowing that your donation will be coming to help us help the thousands of pets that enter our facility each year allows us to make better choices each day as to what resources we have to offer each pet in our care.


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