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The Process

The South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter is committed to placing our animals in safe, loving homes. As a potential adopter, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire, speak with one of our adoption counselors and meet with the pet you are interested in. Small children and current pets may be asked to meet with the animal before sending him home.

At times, such as when an animal enters our facility as a stray, we are required to hold the animal for a certain amount of time. Your adoption counselor will discuss this with you and make you aware of any requirements or restrictions that apply to the pet you may be interested in adopting.

All cats and dogs adopted from our shelter are spayed or neutered prior to going home. According to the surgical status of the animal, we ask that adopters are prepared to complete the questionnaire, meet with a counselor and pick up your new family member within 48 hours or less.

Adoption Fees - Why?

Charging fees helps us to recover just some of the funds spent on that one animal so that we can help the next animal who may enter our doors. These fees are minimal, and generally do not even cover the full cost of the services given to the pet while it was here in our care. If you were to receive a pet free of charge, and provide it with the same medical treatments as one of our adopted animals, the cost would be several times higher.

Dog Fees
Cat Fees
Other Special/Discount Pricing

ReHome Program

Adopt a pet to PREVENT it from entering the shelter system

Other Adoptables

The South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter is not just about dogs and cats! We have all sorts of small and furry pets as well as feathered and scaly ones. You never know what you might find when you enter our small animal room. We have rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and hamsters on a regular basis but you might also find the occasional chinchilla or mouse.

If it's a feathered friend that you would prefer, we often have cockatiels, parakeets, and parrots of all sizes.  If you're into exotic pets, keep an eye on our website for Bearded Dragons, Iguanas and snakes of all kinds. And don't forget our barnyard buddies! Chickens, goats and pigs are just a few types of livestock that we offer for adoption.

Adoption Info & Fees

Rabbit Adoptions

Adoption fee of $30

This adoption fee does not include the purchase of cage. Adopter must supply living quarters for the animal themselves.

A carrier to transport the animal home in must be provided by the adopter at the time of adoption - we cannot provide one for you.

Barnyard Adoptions
Pocket Pet Adoptions
Feathered Adoptions
Scaled Adoptions