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Hi! I'm FLASH! I'm a sweet & loving 2yr old who

--wanna go for a run? Wanna go to the park? Oh look!! Geese to run & play with! But there's a ball to play with! OH! And there's a squirrel running around in the yard! --

sorry, got distracted. I'm looking for home that is as active as I am and is ready to help me learn

--yay! There's a cookie i hid and forgot all about!! And there goes a motorcycle - they make LOUD noises! And there's my friend the UPS driver!! BARK! BARK! And now there are TWO!! TWO squirrels playing chase!--

Sorry, where was I? Oh right, I'm looking for someone to teach me a little impulse control, or how to put my super speedy brain and quick reflexes to good work. I'm smart and learn VERY quickly, and I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to have something to DO to help me stay entertained. (Any body got sheep or goats or cows they need herded?) I love to run and help keep things in order like a typical herding breed, so I might be a bit over-enthusiastic to be around small kids (cuz they're fun to herd too!)

--Did you say PLAYGROUP? I'm a ROCKSTAR at playgroup! I run and play and get along with the other dogs! It's so much fun to get out of my kennel and stretch my legs a bit!--

If you know anyone you think might be interested then send them on over to the shelter to take me out for a spin & we can get to know each other!

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