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The Kitten Cuddler Program

EAT 🦐🥕🍜

The teeny-tinys haven't learned how to eat on their own. These little guys need someone patient enough to help them figure things out by feeding with a syringe or a kitten bottle and a milk replacer. We've got the supplies, we just need help in holding the bottles while the little kits are eating.


PLAY 🐈🏐🧸

Being orphaned by your mom is tough, and growing up without knowing that love can have devastating effects. If kittens have siblings it helps, but having the love of a human will allow them to become comfortable with human touch and being held, which is a KEY ingredient to staying healthy & being adopted. 

LOVE 💙💚💛

As they grow, kittens need to learn how to play and express the spontaneous joy that all kittens are know for. By introducing them to a variety of age appropriate toys you'll be helping them to become the playful kittens they were meant to be. Playful kittens are also more likely to be adopted, so you'll be giving them a gift that may just get them into a loving home faster.

'Do you really have that many underage kittens come to the shelter each year?"

We hear this question ALL the time. The simple answer is YES. We receive a majority of neonate kittens as strays, but we do occasionally have a mother cat with very young kittens surrendered by an owner. Generally we ask owners to keep the family until they are closer to 8 weeks old if at all possible, but some times there is no option.

Number of Infant kittens taken in during 2022
Number of Infant kittens taken in so far in 2023

Ready to Start Changing Lives?

Join the SJRAS Kitten Cuddler Program Today!

While we know these faces are adorable and make everyone want to smother them with love, at this time volunteers for the Kitten Cuddler program must be at least 18 years old. We are looking into the ability to have a younger group able to take part, but until we announce a junior program we will not be accepting Cuddler volunteers who are not yet at least 18 years old.

Can't give your time?

Shop our Kitten Wishlist! You can send these babies items they desperately need with just a few clicks of your mouse 🐭 💻